Fire Extinguishers Buying Guide in India

  • June 21, 2022

Having a fire extinguisher for your home / workplace is necessary. It can save lives and prevent damage to assets. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Fire Protection Association of India, small fires might not result in death but can cause injuries. But in the event of a massive fire, it can lead to fatalities. If you are planning to buy fire extinguisher online, this fire extinguishers buying guide will help you.

What’s The Need?

To extinguish small fires safely it’s important to have the right kind of fire extinguisher. And with the presence of combustible materials, fire can spread fast. Hence, fire extinguishers are regarded as the best tool to put out the fire and keep everyone safe.

If you are looking forward to buy fire extinguishers online, you must know that there are different types of fire extinguishers, such as ABC Powder Type, Co2 Extinguisher, Dry Chemical, Foam Type, Wet Chemical, Water Type, and Clean Agent Type. Each type of extinguisher can deal with a certain class of fires. So with the onset of a fire, the right fire extinguishers should be easily accessible and put to use.

Fire Extinguisher Quality & Govt Standards

Well, it’s imperative to keep a high-quality fire extinguisher in offices, schools, warehouses, hotels, hospitals, etc. It would not only protect the building but also keep everyone safe. This piece of equipment is supreme for the safety of the premise and also the occupants.

Kanex Fire is proud to offer fire extinguishers that are manufactured as per industry standards. This ensures that it won’t fail to function in case of a fire.

Often, the State Fire Prevention and Fire Safety Act & Rules follow the National Building Code (NBC). Most of the NBC provisions have been implemented by the State Government and local authorities in the building regulations. BIS has developed more than 150 standards on fire safety in buildings and fire fighting equipment & systems.

In India, even though there are many guidelines, codes, and norms connected with fire security, these are only occasionally followed. Laxity in following fire safety plans caused major fires in Mumbai, New Delhi, and led to catastrophe.

Things to Check Before Buying

Our fire extinguishers buying guide will explain some pointers that must be followed when buying extinguishers for home, school, office, hospitals, etc.

  • Ratings: Ratings should be present on the extinguisher. Pick extinguishers as per the class fires.
  • Extinguishing Material: Extinguishing agents, like wet powder, foam, etc present for dousing the fire.
  • Capacity: It should be available in 1kg to 9kg models.
  • Certification: It should have a BIS/ISI mark.

Fire Extinguisher Pricing

The price of a fire extinguisher can range from INR 2500 to 12000 and even more. So, it’s better to check the fire extinguisher price online.

Where to Buy

If you want to buy reliable & cost effective fire fighting equipment, At Kanex you can shop for different types of fire extinguishers online. Here, you would get the best fire extinguishers that adhere to industry and government standards. Do you want to forestall the dangers of fire even before the fire department shows up? Well, for that, you need to invest in good-quality extinguishers throughout the property.

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