Know about the History of Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is one of the active protection devices that are used to control or extinguish small fires in emergencies. These devices are not created for use in bigger fires, like the one that has reached the ceiling. Using a fire extinguisher during the situation can endanger the user significantly.

Even though we can find the number of various kinds of fire extinguishers in the market, the history of these devices is long. In the following section of this article, we have dealt with the long-standing history of Fire extinguishers. Check it out to know more about these essential fire extinguishing devices.

The Invention of The Fire Extinguisher

The first record of Fire extinguishers can be traced back to 1723. Ambrose Godfrey, one of the well-known chemists of that time, created the ancestor of the modern Fire extinguisher.

The traditional extinguisher had a cask full of fire-extinguishing liquid. There was another chamber in the fire extinguishing device which contained gunpowder. The gun powder and the fire extinguishing liquid container were connected with a fuse.

While using this fire extinguisher, you need to ignite the fuse first. Once the fire reaches the gunpowder, an explosion occurs that helps to scatter the Fire Extinguishing Solution all over for extinguishing of fire.

Inventor Of the Fire Extinguisher

As we have mentioned earlier, the first Fire extinguisher was patented by Ambrose Godfrey, who was a celebrated chemist of that time. Later on, Captain George William Manby created and demonstrated the design of a modern fire extinguisher that has the ability of extinguishing of fire easily.

Evolution of Fire Extinguisher

In 1872, Thomas J Martin was given a patent for improving the design of the fire extinguisher of that time. The chemical formula extinguisher with improved Fire Safety was invented in 1904 by Alexander Lauren of Russia. In 1910, a Delaware-based company, named pyrene manufacturing company, applied for a patent for using carbon tetra-chloride as a fire extinguishing solution. In 1924, the Walter Kidde company invented the Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher in response to a request for BELL telephones. As you can easily surmise, the fire extinguishers of today have come a long way. Even though the colors, fire safety, and outside designs of the modern machine change every few years, the basic inside working of the machine has been the same for a while now. It is astonishing to understand how evolution and invention change everything including Fire extinguishers.

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