Fire Suppression System for CNC Machine

The design of the automated machines is such that they make our expensive and labor-intensive work extremely easy. The machines can operate on their own for hours without any human intervention and can help companies to maximize their efficiency. The only problem that these machines can face is fire incidents. Even though these smart machines can solve almost any problem, when it comes to fire it requires the help of a fire suppression system for CNC machines. These fire fighting equipment not only salvage the expensive machines but also help the people working on the factory floor to avoid disasters caused by fire.

How Does a Fire Suppression System for CNC Machines Work?

The fire suppression system uses the patented fire trace technology, which is installed around the cylinder of the machine. The tubing of the system is filled with nitrogen, and the pressure of this gas is utilized to keep the valve in the closed position. If, in any case, a fire breaks out then the pressurized tubing of the fire trace system will burst out. After that, the valve get destabilized, which, in turn, will activate the extinguishants right away.

The Automatic fire suppression systems available in the market are perfect for CNC machines with oil-based lubricants. This lubricating oil can get overheated and cause a flash fire in some cases. In such cases, the fire trace system will flood the affected area with a fire suppression agent so that the fire does not get out of hand in any way.

Why early detection can help to keep CNC machine fires in check?

Early fire detection by using a rapid-fire fire suppression system for CNC Machine can help to detect and extinguish the fire before it spreads outside the machine and becomes bigger. Compared to the damages and destruction that a fire incident can cause, the cost of a fire suppression system is nominal. There is no doubt that the investment in a fire suppression system can seem a big factor for most of the companies but by considering the repairing charges and the property and life loss that a fire incident can cause will certainly seem more economical option.

For any manufacturing company, CNC machine fire can cause significant damage to their regular production as well as their finances. Installing a suppression system is a smart option if the companies want to avoid significant damages caused by fire accidents. If you are not sure which fire suppression system will be good for your machines you can always get in touch with experts working in the field.

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