Foam Based Fire Extinguishers – A Complete Guide

  • July 26, 2022

Do you have any idea about fire extinguishers? Well, they are portable devices that help to put out fires of small sizes. Typically, a fire extinguisher is divided into different types, such as dry powder, foam, wet chemical, water mist, water spray, and more. Each of them is designed for handling different classes of fire. In this blog, we are talking about Foam based fire extinguishers.

What Is a Foam Fire Extinguisher?

Well, a foam fire extinguisher is used for dousing fires from flammable liquids and solids. A foam fire extinguisher is a popular type of fire extinguisher. It is also known as Aqueous Film Forming Foams (AFFF) Foam Fire Extinguishers or Spray Foam Fire Extinguishers.

This type of extinguisher has undergone a huge transformation over the past few decades. Previously, they came with a thick look and smelly foams. Contrarily, the modern-day foam-based extinguishers are much sleeker. They even come with a blue band above the instruction label.

This type of fire extinguisher is perfect to fight fires triggered by the burning of solid wood, and even liquid fires, like burning petrol. The foam content in the canister holds the ability to penetrate into the burning liquid or burning materials very quickly. On the other hand, the foam cuts down the oxygen supply; whereas, the water content in the foam fire extinguisher easily cools down/suppresses the fire. Hence, they offer an effective solution when it comes to extinguishing the fire.

According to the experts of a fire equipment company, foam-based extinguishers are available in various sizes. One can pick a size based on the requirements and applications on which it is going to be used.

Identifying The Extinguisher

Just like other extinguishers, it’s also easy to identify a foam-based extinguisher. Some factors to identify a foam extinguisher are:

The extinguisher will come with a cream-colored label on its body and the label will mention the words FOAM on it. Also, there must be an ID sign to indicate that it’s a FOAM Extinguisher.

Usage of Foam-Based Extinguisher

Fire equipment company has mentioned that this type of fire extinguisher can extinguish fires, like class A and class B fires. Well, class A fires are fires caused by various materials, such as rubber, textiles, paper, different types of plastics, and wood. Also, they can extinguish class B fires caused by flammable liquids. However, one shouldn’t use foam fire extinguishers for class F and class C fires.

The nozzles of a foam-based extinguisher are non-conductive. Hence, users can operate this fire fighting equipment by taking it very close to the electrical fixtures. Before that, the safety pin must be pulled to break the seal. On applying pressure, the foam will get discharged from the extinguisher. The foam must be aimed toward electrical fires and flammable liquids. It should be used till the fire extinguishers completely.

Where to Use It?

This type of fire safety equipment is ideal for premises where there is a high risk of fire. They are ideal for office premises, warehouses, factories, hotels, and more. All these places would greatly benefit from using foam-based extinguishers. If you need this type of extinguisher, feel free to contact our experts today! We would happily assist you.

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