How to Teach Your Kids about Fire Safety?

Preventing a man-made hazard inside your home is a huge task for everybody. You can never be ready for any hazard but should always be prepared by being cautious and aware. Practicing what you are cautious of can help you save yourself and others in tiring times. Owing to a hectic lifestyle, most of us tend to stay away from home and family. Therefore, imparting a few basic fire safety measures to your children can save them and yourself from danger.

Practice Fire Drills

It is considered to be the most important step of taking a precaution. Knowing where you live and living where you know saves everyone and your children. Fire Drilling is a process of practicing evacuation of buildings during any fire related emergency. It is extremely important to know the process and the execution details along with the emergency exit pathway. Every fire fighting equipment then becomes trivial if your exit is not planned accordingly or if you do not know your exit route. Practice fire drills with your children for them to be aware of the entire process.

Test Your Smoke Alarms

Though not a fire extinguisher, smoke alarms are the most important element for mass evacuation. When you have children, ensure your smoke alarms are kept on. You should start teaching your children about the functionality of smoke alarms. It is responsible for identifying fire-related hazards related to fire safety. Check the functionality of the alarms so that during an emergency, exit can be planned accordingly in time. Try using the easiest method using real smoke. Light a matchstick and place it underneath the machine. It works if the siren sounds when smoke hits the machine. If it doesn’t sound, time for a quick replacement. Never compromise fixing a smoke detector on time as that will help to deter emergencies.

Use escape ladders, practice opening windows

Start dedicating a time of your daily schedule to your children teaching about the windows and how to open them. If your house is blessed with an escape ladder, your kids should know it too! They should be familiar with the process of opening the windows and or the ladder. It might be a quick fix for fire protection. Knowing the basic structure and the pattern of your residence is extremely important for mishaps like these.

Keep Your Kids Away from Flammable Objects

Start teaching your kids from the basics. Try to make your children learn about the differences between flammable and inflammable objects. After they gain an understanding of the importance, it will be easier for them to keep away from fire-related dangers. 

Fire Protection Services from Fire-line

If an extinguisher should be your best friend then the number of the fire protection services should be your BAE. After all, that’s the most important thing that will save the lives of your family. Always keep a handy note of the emergency numbers. Be conversant with your kids about the call to fire protection services in emergencies.

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