Know about the Classes of Fire

Fire incidents are often devastating. It not only damages properties but also burns in yours and even kills people. The best way to keep fire incidents at bay is to adopt fire prevention methods. The better the fire fighting plan you have in place, the easier it would be for you to avoid disastrous accidents.

For that, you need to understand the fact that not all fires are the same. It is always better for you to know about various Classes of Fire before you choose a fire extinguisher for yourself.

Class A Fire

The combustible that creates class fires can be found around any house very easily. Paper, wood, cardboard, etc. are the most common pool of this kind of fire. It is hard to eliminate the solids that will class a fire.

Class B Fire

All the fuel that leads to class B fires is liquid. Most of the liquids, fluids, and chemicals used in factories and workplaces are inflammable or explosive. To Extinguish Fire of this type, you need to choose powder or foam Fire Extinguishers for your place.

Class C Fire

The class c fires involve gases. This type of fire can be caused by LPG, natural gas, or any other gas that creates an explosive or flammable atmosphere. While you can use Class C fire extinguishers, the best way to fight the Class C fire is to shut off the gas supply. Having said that, the Powder Fire Extinguishers is the best choice for stopping this kind of Fire.

Class D Fire

Even though metals are not considered combustible, some types of metal can create a fire.

Electrical Fire

It is not considered as a class as electricity is only a source of fire and not a fuel. However, electrical fire leads to additional hazards. You should use dry powder or Co2 Fire Extinguishers to manage electrical fire.

Class F fire

  1. The spillage of flammable fats and oils near the heat source in a kitchen can later lead to a fire. This fire is considered a class F fire. You can use a chemical extinguisher to extinguish fire.

Now that you are aware of various classes of fire, it will be easier for you to choose the right Fire extinguisher for the right area of your facility. It will also help you to make sure that you put out the fire using the right tools.

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