Know About the Lithium-Ion Fire Extinguishers

  • August 18, 2022

Do you have any idea about Lithium-Ion Fire Extinguishers? No! You don’t need to freak out. Just follow the remainder of this blog post to learn more about this type of fire extinguisher.

With the rising popularity of Li-Ion batteries (or Lithium-Ion batteries), business houses need to understand the safety hazards associated with them. Products and devices that are powered by lithium-ion batteries can fail sometimes and they can burst into flames since they are sensitive to high temperatures.

When the Lithium-Ion batteries get affected due to heat, it can cause a fire. To address the issues associated with lithium-ion battery fires, the Li-Ion Fire Extinguishers could be very helpful. It can easily prevent workplace fires and even injuries.

What is Lithium-Ion Fire Extinguisher?

Well, Lithium-Ion Fire Extinguishers come with revolutionary technology. This type of fire extinguisher consists of an AVD fire extinguishing agent for dousing off lithium-ion battery fires. AVD is known to offer effective protection against lithium battery fire by minimizing damage and extinguishing flames very fast.

It must be kept in mind that AVD is regarded as one of the crucial fire extinguishing agents found in Li-Ion Fire Extinguishers for handling the fire threat usually triggered by lithium-battery fires. Well, AVD fire extinguisher is the one and only agent that is known for creating a thin film over the top of the fire.

The AVD agent can also be found in sprinklers; apart from the Li-Ion Battery Fire Extinguishers. The AVD agent offers an effective level of protection from lithium battery fire; hence, preventing the spread of heat as it is applied as a mist. Even the AVD agent acts as a fire break. The perlite particles present within the mist gets deposited on the surface of the burning fuel to create a film on top of the fire.

Staying Safe from Lithium Ion Battery Fire Extinguishers

We all know that lithium-ion batteries carry a high level of risk as and when they get damaged. Why? Well, they come with a flammable electrolyte solution that can leak out from the batteries and can cause a flame. Also, a lithium-ion cell can get charged very quickly which can result in a short circuit. This, in turn, might lead to triggering a spark and then a fire. There have been some safety risks associated with Lithium-Ion batteries. They come with high-energy density; hence, causing serious consequences whenever a small metal particle gets in touch with the battery cell.

Lithium-Ion Fire Extinguishers Uses

We all know that Li-Ion Battery Fire Extinguishers are designed for use on lithium-ion battery fires. They can easily douse off the fire caused by lithium-ion battery fires. They can also be used for different industries, as well as, applications. For instance, they can be used to protect against fires triggered by consumer electronics, such as a laptop or mobile phone explosions. Also, they can be used in confined spaces, such as homes, vehicles, aviation, marine facilities, leisure facilities, and more. Do you want to find the perfect solution for suppressing fires caused by lithium batteries? Well, you can easily go for Lithium-Ion Fire Extinguishers. They are highly effective to protect people and even assets from the dangers and damage caused by lithium-ion battery fires.

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