Know the Most Common Causes of House Fires

  • March 27, 2023


Fire at home is hilarious. House fires can easily get out of control and are not just unexpected but unpredictable. Every person living there is put in danger by house fires, and even tiny ones that are easily put out can cause thousands of rupees’ worth of damage.

It’s true that a lot of these fires might be prevented. You might avoid a calamity by implementing the simple safety measures described here. The destruction of structures and other property can be avoided, as well as the potential loss of life, by being aware of the most common causes of house fires and installing Fire Extinguishers for homes

Major Causes of Home Fires:

  • Cooking Accidents

Almost half of all residential fires are caused by cooking fires, making it one of the most frequent types of home fires.  It only takes a few seconds for a pot or skillet to catch fire when it overheats or spatters grease. Keep an eye on your cooking while it’s going on, especially if you’re using oil or high heat. Keep combustibles away from heat sources, such as dish towels, paper towels, and oven mitts. Think about keeping a proper fire extinguisher or fire blanket handy to use in the event of a fire.

  • Electrical malfunctions

Building materials are ignited by arcing (sparking) caused by short circuits or loose connections, or by circuits that are overloaded with electricity, which overheats the wires.

Make sure to avoid fire:

1) No frayed or loose cables or plugs are present on your electrical appliances.

2) There aren’t too many plugs in your outlets.

3) You don’t run electrical lines underneath heavy furniture or rugs

4) You aren’t utilising an adaptor or extension cord excessively.

  • Smoking-related fires

The result of careless smoking behaviours is one of the most common causes of house fires. Smoking can occasionally cause people to nod off. They run the risk of starting a fire on their couch, bed, or other furniture. Make every effort to ensure that smoking is prohibited throughout the house, especially in bedrooms. Utilize big, deep ashtrays, keep them away from anything that will ignite, and look on furniture for any embers or fallen cigarettes.

  • Heating equipment malfunction

When materials like textiles and other combustibles are kept too close to baseboard heaters and space heaters in homes, they might catch fire. Fuel-powered heaters, like those that use kerosene, are particularly risky because, if not carefully supervised, they might catch fire or explode. Any heating appliance you use should have instructions, and you should routinely check to make sure it’s in working order. Never turn on the heater before leaving the house.


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