What Is the Fire Suppression System and it’s Uses?

  • April 27, 2021

Have you ever visited a fire accident site after the firemen leave? Then you will know how effective the Fire Suppression System can be if it is installed properly. A fire suppression unit is one of the marvels of engineering evolution that extinguishes fire with chemicals. Most of the fire suppression system contains components that detect the presence of fire right at the first stage with the help of smoke, heat, and other warning signals. The smoke detectors activate the control panel of the fire suppression system. The control panel then activates the devices which release the agents. Various suppression systems use different types of agents for controlling fires.

Most of the fire suppression systems are created in such a way that they will automatically release the substance that helps to suppress the fire in the first place.

However, some fire suppression systems require a manual maneuver for releasing the substance. In the following section of this article, we will be depicting different fire suppression systems and explain the way they work effectively.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression System

As the name suggests, the clean agent suppression system comes with chemicals that are reliable and safe. These chemicals can protect your furnishing and electronics while defending you against fire. The waterless fire suppression system works by targeting the areas where the fire is blazing. It is, in fact, one of the best fire suppression systems that businesses should use in their warehouses and storerooms. The clean-up of these fire suppression systems is minimal and water-free. The best thing about this suppression system is that it is safe for the environment.

The Carbon-Dioxide Fire Suppression System

The carbon dioxide suppression system uses odorless and colorless CO2 gas for extinguishing fires. It is one of the most efficient systems that reduce the cost and downtime of the cleaning up process once the fire is stopped.

Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

These fire suppression systems are rightfully designed for extinguishing the fires which in most cases are caused by the grease of the kitchen. This kind of suppressant system uses different types of wet chemicals in the form of mist for extinguishing the fires quickly and effectively. These chemicals are even easier to clean than dry ones. Once the suppression system detects the fire through smoke or heat, it releases the mist to douse the fire efficiently.

Industrial Fire Suppression System

Fire is a common hazard for industrial plants. Most of the industries come with high hazard situations. That is one of the reasons why fire incidents are so common here. The specially built industrial fire suppression system can stop the fire caused by hazardous materials, liquid fuels, and chemicals. Most industrial fire suppression systems use dry chemicals to take care of all kinds of fire hazards. Even though the fire suppressant system is not a new concept, most people are still not aware of them. These systems are far more effective than the traditional fire fighting systems and leave you with way less mess. Talk to the fire experts if you want to know more about the fire suppression system.

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