Where To Place Fire Extinguishers?

There is no doubt that fire extinguishers save lives. For decades, fire extinguishers have been used for putting out small fires so that they cannot become a threat. The right types of Fire extinguishers can reduce the chances of property damage, personal and physical injuries and can even prevent death.

However, there are some crucial rules that you need to follow to make sure that your fire extinguisher works perfectly at the time of need. The installation location of these devices plays a vital role in eliminating fire at the right time. The Fire extinguisher should always be placed in locations from where people can find it pretty easily. Make sure to Place Fire Extinguishers in the right way so that you can find them easily at the time of emergency.

The Best Space to Place a Fire Extinguisher

The first step to make sure that your fire extinguisher will be used properly is to find the proper place of installation. For that, you need to size up your building to find what kind of hazards are around.

In most buildings, the best place for Fire Extinguisher Installation is near the main entrance. However, decide the placement depending on the hazards.

For example, if you have a kitchen area in your building, you should install a class K-rated Fire extinguisher nearby. Similarly, always Install a Fire Extinguisher of Class C type near the electrical boxes and server rooms. You just have to make sure that the fire extinguishers are visible.

Easily Accessible

The Fire extinguisher should always be installed in a place from where they can be accessed readily. Generally, fire extinguishers are installed along the regular path of travel in your office. That makes it easier for you to grab an extinguisher easily in an event of a fire. According to the fire guidelines, A person should never travel more than 25 m to get access to a fire extinguisher.

Keep Away From Children

Place Fire Extinguishers in a location where the children cannot access easily. Talk to your children about the necessity of the fire extinguishers and why they should not access them if there is no fire incident.

The location requirements of the fire extinguisher can help the managers and owners to make sure that their property stays safe in the event of a fire. If you abide by these above location requirements, it can improve your chances of fighting fire better.

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