Which Fire Extinguishers should be used for flammable liquids & Gasses?

Hundreds of lives and property can be dependent on the fact whether you have chosen the correct Fire extinguisher. This is especially true if the fire is caused by liable flammable liquids & gasses. Among all Fire extinguisher types, the class B fire extinguishers can only put out this kind of fire. In the following section of this article, you will find out more about class B fire and the type of extinguisher that can put it out perfectly.

What is the class B fire?

In the case of class B fires, flammable liquids & gasses effort that completes the fire Triangle. The flame-able liquids that can cause class B fire include oils, Diesel, Petrol, grease, alcohols, solvents, and oil-based Paints. The flammable gasses are butane and hydrogen.

What type of extinguishers can put out class B fire

Due to the unique nature of the fuel of class B fires the best way of handling this kind of fire is to cut off the oxygen supply from the fuel. Several types of Fire extinguishers can accomplish this task effectively.

CO2 fire extinguishers

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers work perfectly on class B fires as carbon dioxide can effectively cut off the oxygen supply. Not only that, but the cold carbon dioxide content of CO2 fire extinguishers also helps to reduce the heat of the flame. However, this kind of extinguisher is only effective for small fires.

Foam Extinguishers

This kind of fire extinguisher can put out both class A and class B types of fire. The form components used in this fire extinguisher can separate the class B fires from the will effectively. It creates a protective seal over the surface of the flammable liquid and gasses, which effectively removes the oxygen content necessary to keep the fire burning. However, the foam fire extinguisher can only work effectively when the flammable liquid is not flowing freely.

Dry chemical

The regular, as well as the multipurpose model of dry chemical fire extinguishers, are specifically created for handling class B fires. The content of this kind of Fire extinguisher extinguishes the fire by blocking out the chemical reaction of the Fire Triangle. The extinguisher of this kind has a better protection range as in most cases this kind of extinguisher used a nonflammable compressed gas to properly out the fire extinguishing agent father.

These are the most popular fire extinguisher types that can put out fires caused by chemical gas and liquids. You should conduct in-depth research to find out your requirement and the fire extinguisher that fulfills it perfectly.

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