Why is Fire Safety Planning Important while Designing New Homes?

Do you have any idea about fire safety? Or, do you have any knowledge about fire safety planning? No! Well, a fire safety plan calls for implementing a set of practices or measures that would cut down the risk of damage or destruction caused by fire.

With fire accidents becoming a common affair for high-rise buildings and homes, an important concern among the buyers is whether their new home is safe or not. As a part of the fire safety plan, the developers need to incorporate some fire fighting equipment, like fire extinguishers or water sprinklers.

Importance of Fire Safety in Homes

Before delving deep into the importance of having proper fire safety planning for newly designed homes, it’s important to know about fire safety. Well, fire protection is a set of practices intended to reduce the destruction caused by fire.

Fire safety practices include informing and training the occupants about the ways to control fire, and even ways to respond when a fire breaks out. For homes, fire safety is very important. If proper measures are taken, it can keep your home and family members safe. Also, it would prevent huge losses from occurring.

Safety Measurements for A New Home

An important part of the fire safety measures is to focus on preventing the fire before it occurs and spreads further. It’s easier to prevent fire from occurring in the first place than to suppress it. So, developers need to include fire detection systems like smoke alarms and even install various fire fighting equipment for their newly designed homes.

On the other hand, occupants of a home or even buyers should be trained on the right way to use any fire fighting equipment like any fire extinguisher for home. Also, they should be educated on which types of fire extinguishers should be used for which types of fires. This would reduce the risk of fire spreading further and causing loss of life.

Also, on the part of the buyers, they need to ensure proper fire safety measures are in place. Measures include a proper exit route from the building in case of a fire, installing fire sprinklers at prominent locations inside the flats, and also by keeping a fire extinguisher in corridors.

Fire Evacuation Plan

Even if new homes are equipped with fire extinguishers for home; still, having a fire evacuation plan for the home is important. But just having a fire evacuation plan isn’t enough. Care must be taken to ensure each family member understands the evacuation plan well. The plan should contain multiple exit paths so that in the case of a sudden fire, everyone escapes it safely. In case, doors are having locks, it’s important to ensure the keys are easily accessible during the fire so that exit doesn’t get delayed. Homes, new or old must have a working fire extinguisher in place. Only then danger to life and even safety of the occupants from smoke or fire can be ensured.

Hope, this post will help you in understanding the importance of fire safety planning in designing your homes.

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