Difference Between Fire Suppression Systems and Fire Sprinklers

Fire Suppression Systems and fire sprinklers generally shared common purposes. Even the parts of these two systems can look quite similar to the layman. But, these two fire fighting equipment are extremely different from each other in the way they are used for controlling fire.

The main difference between fire suppression system and fire sprinkler is that the former device uses multiple types of chemical agents to put out the fire, while the latter uses plain water.

That means if you only install fire sprinklers at your business site for Fire Safety, the chances are that you may suffer from water damage as well. Having said that, to understand these two systems better you need to know more about these devices.

What is a fire suppression system?

As the name suggests, a fire suppression system is a type of fire safety equipment that is used for controlling fire. This system gets activated through smoke heat or a combination of both of these elements. Instead of water, a fire suppression system uses chemical gaseous or form agents suppressing fire.

What is a fire sprinkler system?

It is a collective system created by several sprinklers that releases water for controlling extinguishing fire. Fire sprinklers generally get activated by smoke or heat. Some of the modern systems can be activated by both. As water can print out most types of fire, these sprinklers play an important role in fire fighting.

Main Differences Between Fire Suppression Systems and Fire Sprinklers

As we have mentioned before, the fire suppression system is created in such a way that it only uses chemical liquid or gaseous agents that can effectively suppress different types of Fire. On the other hand, the fire sprinklers only use plain water for putting out fires. While water can help to effectively subdue most types of fire, it can still cause heavy damages to different types of properties. That is one of the reasons why most businesses these days choose to install fire suppression systems on their premises for fire safety. Not only that, the fire sprinklers and The Fire suppression systems are different when it comes to their prices. Most of the fire sprinkler system is way cheaper than the fire suppression system.

All in all, you need to understand your fire fighting requirement before installing a fire suppression system at your premises. Understanding your requirements will not only help you to choose the right system but also save you from larger disasters.

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