Understanding the Fire Extinguisher Types by Colors

  • April 02, 2021

Fire can be very deadly. That’s why you should keep one fire extinguisher in your office or your home. However, keep in mind only one type of extinguisher won’t be able to do the job of suppressing the fire. Rather, you might need to know the Fire Extinguisher types by colors. After all, each fire extinguisher is designed to deal with a specific class of fire.

Keep on reading this post to know more about the fire extinguishers types by its color code.

Various Types

When it comes to fire extinguishers, one gets to see various types, like CO2 Fire Extinguishers, Powder Fire Extinguishers, Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers, and so on. With so many versions available, it’s important to know which one to use. Using the wrong one for dousing the fire might make things worse.

You must know about the different extinguishers and their color code for effectively suppressing different classes of fires.

Colors Codes For Fire Extinguishers

Each fire extinguisher comes with a certain color coding. Let’s take a look.

  • Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers

This type of extinguisher comes with a black label on the red body. You can identify it through texts like ‘Carbon Dioxide’ or CO2 written in white on a black label.

The CO2 fire extinguishers are suitable for combating class B and E fires. It works perfectly on flammable liquids and electrical fires. However, don’t use this extinguisher for high and low voltage electrical fires.

They offer perfect fire safety measures for offices and workshops. It displaces the oxygen in the air for dousing the fire.

  • Foam Fire Extinguishers

This type of extinguisher comes with a cream (Lemon Yellow) label on the red body. You can identify this extinguisher through words like ‘Foam’ written in red on the cream colored label.

The foam fire extinguishers are water-based and are suitable for class A and B fires. It works well on solid combustible fires, like wood, paper and also on flammable liquid fires, such as petrol, paint, diesel, and solvents. It prevents reignition by creating a cooling blanket effect.

  • Powder Fire Extinguishers

This fire extinguisher comes with a blue label. Words like ‘Powder’ are written in white within the blue label.

This extinguisher is suitable for class B and C fires; however, they have limited use on class A fires. One of the most popular types of powder fire extinguishers is the ABC fire extinguishers. The powder acts as a thermal blast for cooling down the flames.

  • Water-Fire Extinguishers

There are two types of water extinguishers: water spray, and water mist. The water spray Fire extinguishers are only suitable for class A fire; whereas, the water mist extinguishers are suitable for all types of fire, such as A, F, and E. The water mist Fire extinguisher creates a fire safety barrier between the fire and the user.

These extinguishers will come in solid red color. However, words like ‘Water’ or ‘Watermist’ are written in white color within the red label. These extinguishers create a cooling effect by penetrating the burning materials and preventing reignition.

  • Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

You can easily identify this type of fire extinguisher from words like ‘Wet Chemical’ written inside a yellow label with a red body. Wet Chemical extinguishers can be used to douse class F fire also known as Kitchen Fire Extinguishers.

It stops fires of high temperature. It gently stops the burning of fats and oils. By making chemical changes to the cooking oil, it makes the fire non-combustible.

To Wrap Up

A unique color-coding system is used for identifying the various types of fire extinguishers and their correct usage. Once you get some idea about understanding fire extinguisher types by colors then grab the right one as per your need. To know more, talk to the professionals of Kanex Fire today!

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