Know About Novec 1230 Suppression System

  • December 08, 2022

With the growing requirements of fire suppression systems, innovations do take place with time. For fire safety purposes, we can consider the Novec 1230 suppression system which comes with its unique set of properties. In this blog, we will give a brief about Novec 1230 – a fluid known as a fluorinated ketone and manufactured by 3M.

Novec 1230 (Clean Agent) – Suppression System Based on Gas

Novec 1230 is the most recent generation of gas-based chemical extinguishing systems, with a variety of distinctive features and benefits. Novec 1230 is based on a long-term, sustainable technology with one of the highest safety margins and offers swift and reliable extinguishment with minimal environmental impact, particularly on global warming. It works by completely flooding the area, and extinguishing the flames in a matter of seconds. It is appropriate for the dangers of classes A, B, and C.

This system is pressurised using dry nitrogen and provides varying pressures based on the hazard. The 42-bar technique saves space while providing maximum design freedom. Our extinguishing system is completely tailored to the unique features of the agent, resulting in the most dependable and cost-effective solutions.


  • Designed for the most severe dangers, such as electrical
  • There is no equipment damage, and it is not hazardous to one’s health.
  • 4.2 per cent safety margin
  • Evaporation occurs quickly.
  • There is no ozone layer harm.

What is the function of Novec 1230 fire protection fluid?

Novec 1230 fire prevention fluid prevents fires from starting by swiftly eliminating heat. A typical total flooding system stores the fluid as a liquid in nitrogen-pressurized cylinders. When the fire is in its early stages, automatic detecting sensors activate release, extinguishing it in seconds.

The fluid Novec 1230 evaporates 50 times faster than water. You could soak a paperback book in Novec 1230 fluid for a minute and then take it up and continue reading where you left off.


• Has a strong safety margin with a 4.2% usage concentration and a 10% NOAEL level.

• Is listed for protection against Class A, B, and C fires.

• Is an atmospheric pressure fluid that can be gravity fed for quick recharging.

• Extinguishes fire by absorbing heat rather than reducing oxygen.

Engineered systems that use Novec 1230 Fluid are often found in data centres, IT rooms, telecom switching centres, museums, and cultural heritage applications.

Application This all-in-one solution includes a comprehensive service portfolio, including risk assessment, system design, installation, and commissioning, as well as maintenance. It is intended to safeguard sensitive and critical hazards such as data processing and telecommunications centers, banks, museums, and libraries, where water would be impractical.

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