What Actions Should Be Taken in the Fire Accident Situation?

  • April 15, 2021

It is always better to plan for different emergencies that you need to face. One of the common threats for which you should prepare well is fire. In fact, among all the different emergencies, Fire Accident is the most critical one for which you should plan.

Planning is the basis of Fire Safety. You should plan multiple escape routes, keep fire fighting equipment handy, and plan about a meeting place in case there is a fire. The preparedness should also include some basic fire safety tips. In the following section of this article, we have talked about the things that you should do if that unthinkable incident does take place.

Know Your Way Out

The first thing that you should do when there is a fire is to go out of your home or the office space safely and securely. That means you need to know the safe passages before the disasters take place. It is better to know about more than one safe path.

In this way, if the fire stops one path, you can try the other one. For example, if you live in an apartment, check out the exit stairwells of the building.

Most people hesitate to leave their homes and try to rescue as many belongings with the help of Fire Extinguisher. It is one of the mistakes that you should never make. Your life is the most important asset that you have.

Check the Doors

If you are inside a closed room and suspect that there is a fire outside, do not open your door unless you have practiced the following fire safety procedures.

  • Check the door and try to find the signs of smoke, heat, or flames. If that’s the case, it is better to keep the door closed.
  • Touch your door with the back of your hand if you do not see any of the above signs. If the door is warm, keep it close and try to find another way out.
  • If the door is not hot, touch the doorknob carefully to see if that’s warm. In that case, do not open the door.

Stay Low

If your evacuation route is filled with smoke, you should try to stay low to the ground to avoid it. The air around the ground is filled with less amount of poisonous fumes. Remember, during a fire incident, more people die of smoke inhalation than from burns.

Call for Help

If you are stuck somewhere and do not see any way to escape, do not hesitate to call for help. Try to find an opening and signal for help. You can also call the police or the fire safety department for help using your mobile. Never lie under the bed when there is a fire. While waiting, use towels, clothes, or sheets under the door or in the windows to keep the smoke out. These are some of the basic fire safety steps that can help you to escape the fire incident unscathed. If you are in a fire emergency, you need to keep calm and try to find the best possible escape routes.

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