Kitchen Fire Extinguishers and its importance

Kitchens, especially the commercial ones, always suffer from fire hazards, be it big or small. As the chefs handle high-energy appliances, vegetable oils with high ignition temperature, and open fire, the chances of a fire incident in the kitchen are all too high. Still, most of the people do not have any Kitchen Fire Extinguishers stocked in their store.

The managers of the commercial kitchens more often than not think that the pre-engineered fire suppression system is enough for handling all the fire woes. It is one of the wrong assumptions that kitchen managers make. The commercial kitchens, and even the home ones, should have a fire extinguisher nearby. Not only that, the kitchen managers should make sure that the extinguishers they are choosing are of the right type as well.

Why Do You Need Fire Extinguishers in Your Kitchen

The basic answer to this question is that there is a fire safety law that commands you to have at least one fire extinguisher handy in your kitchen. Along with the mandate, there are other reasons you should keep an extinguisher in your kitchen area.

Most of the time, the kitchen fires are of the class K fire that involves the fire equipment and the oils with high auto-ignition temperatures. When these elements catch fire, the temperature of that becomes very hot already. The presence of the grease and the oil makes the situation even more volatile than the other kinds of fires. So, the more defense you build against this fire, the better.

K Class Type Fire Extinguishers

There is no doubt that the fire suppression systems are extremely efficient. But, they may not be sufficient to douse the fire completely when it involves a kitchen. It is only the Kitchen Fire Extinguisher that can stop the fire from spreading using spilled grease or oil.

What Is a K-class Type Fire Extinguisher?

K Class Type Fire Extinguishers are a type of Fire fighting equipment specially designed to handle the intense heat of the kitchen fuel fire. There are different types of class K fire extinguishers available in the market. You can check out and pick the one that suits your requirement.

When to Use a Class K Extinguisher

Do not use the K Class Type Fire Extinguishers until the fire suppression system is activated. When combined, these two fire suppression systems can effectively put out any fire and keep the workers of your kitchen safe. You should be aware of the specific suppression agents available in the Class K extinguishers of your choice. Some of the extinguishers conduct electricity, and so, you may need to shut the power off of the kitchen appliances before using the extinguishers. Now that you know the importance of kitchen fire extinguishers, you should get one for your kitchen right away. The number of extinguishers you should buy depends on the size of your space. If you face multiple fire hazards, it is better to invest in more than one fire extinguisher to protect your kitchen. If you are not confident about buying the fire extinguishers for kitchen, do not hesitate to get in touch with the fire experts.

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