5 Major Unknown FUN FACTS of Fire

We all know about the fire. And we use the fire in cooking, rituals, light & heat generation and for many other purposes. But how much do you know about the Fire?

Here, you will know about some unknown facts of fire and this knowledge will be great fun for you. 😍

Let’s start..

# Fact No. 1:

A majority of uncontrolled fires are started by small objects, such as cigarettes and candles.

Fact of Fire 1

# Fact No. 2:

The only planet where a fire can burn is EARTH. All other planets lack sufficient oxygen.

Fact of Fire 2

# Fact No. 3:

A flame color is affected by the oxygen supply. Low-oxygen flames emit a yellow glow, while high-oxygen ones emit a blue glow.

Fact of Fire 3

# Fact No. 4:

A house fire doubles in size every minute.

Fact of Fire 4

# Fact No. 5:

The Greeks used concentrated sunlight to start fires. For illumination of the Olympic torch, solar beams are used with a parabolic mirror.

Fact of Fire 5

So, these are the 5 major unknown facts of Fire. So, does this make you wonder? If you know more unknown facts about the fire, then post them in the comments of this blog post.

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