What To Do If Your Car Catches Fire?

Car fire accidents are one of the most common yet ignored aspects of owning a car. If you think about purchasing a car you should be knowledgeable enough about car fire safety so that you can take prompt action if necessary. That means you need to understand and identify the cause of the fire so that you can use a fire extinguisher for car to put out the fire effectively. That means understanding the reasons behind car fires isn’t enough; rather, taking all the required steps at the right time is crucial for managing car fire accidents. So, what should you do if your car catches fire? Keep on reading to know the required steps.

Stop The Car and Turn Off the Engine

The moment you see smoke or flames coming out of your car, you should immediately give a signal to other cars and park your car on the left side of the road. Stop the engine immediately and take the keys out. By stopping your car, you will be cutting off all the fuel supply, which will lower the risk of fire spread significantly. It is also important to keep car fire extinguishers handy so that you can put out the fire right away.

Evacuate Your Car

Once you stop your car, get out of the vehicle immediately and move to a safe distance. If other people are riding in your car, ask them to leave the vehicle as well. Help the elderly or children passengers come out of the car fast.

Use Fire Extinguisher

If you have a fire extinguisher handy in your car, try to stop the fire before it gets out of hand. All cars contain a flammable liquid in their fuel tank, which can lead to an explosion if the fire spreads. So, you should try to use the fire extinguisher only if it is safe. As you cannot predict car fire incidents, it is always better to keep fire extinguishers in your vehicle.

Do Not Open the Bonnet If Your Car Is on Flame

If you only see smoke coming out of your engine, then you can try to open the bonnet before moving away from your car. Having said that, you should not open the bonnet or the boot if your car is already on fire.

In case of a car fire, maintaining your safety and the safety of the passengers is the first thing you need to do. Make sure to follow these safety tips and let the police and fire fighters do their jobs in case of a car fire emergency. If you follow all the above tips, you may avoid bigger disasters.

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